Physical properties of minerals: How and why to dive into their knowledge




The school is open to students of master degree programs, PhD students and young researchers from universities and research institutions, classified in the subject area of Earth Sciences, Material Sciences, Natural and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Physics.

The School will be focused on the physical properties of solid/crystalline materials - optical, thermodynamic, electrical, magnetic and mechanical - highlighting the relationships among those properties and the crystal structures, the size vs surface as well as the microstructure in them.

Types of materials - minerals, semiconductors, metals, glasses, orientationally disordered crystals, defective solids, and more - will be introduced and their main physical properties will be described.

These themes will be approached by a theoretical and analytical point of view and some applications/implications
to geological and material science themes will be discussed.

The school is based on a number of lessons, which will be complemented by exercises, worked examples and learning self-assessment. Students will be continuously monitored by a selected and restricted panel of teachers, who are expected to attend the school all the time, and to provide an up-to-date and complete framework of knowledge and investigation methods on the selected topics.

Organizing Committee:

P. Comodi
A. Martucci
M. Pasero
M. Prencipe
G. Salviulo

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