To subscribe to SIMP, you must complete the membership form. Membership will be effective upon payment of the membership fee for the current year. SIMP membership is annual from 1st January to 31st December, regardless of registration date.

The membership fee amounts to:
  • 50.00 € for regular members (over 35 years);
  • 25.00 € for junior members (under 35 years);
  • 25.00 € for special members (retired).


The annual renewal of SIMP membership must be made by paying the membership fee as described below.

The membership fee amounts to:

  • 50.00 € for regular members (over 35 years);
  • 25.00 € for junior members (under 35 years);
  • 25.00 € for special members (retired).

SIMP members are reminded that the website account will be automatically disabled if the required fee for the current year has not been paid by December 31st. Please contact the Secretariat to reactivate the account.

Furthermore, the hard copy of Elements will only be sent with the first publication after payment of the membership fee.

Members benefits 


Conference registrations

  • Member rates at Mineralogical Society Meetings
  • Member rates at Goldschmidt Conferences


  • Print and online issues of Elements
  • Member rates to publish open access articles in European Journal of Mineralogy 
  • Online issues of Plinius

Early Career Support

  • Sponsorship of students attending workshops and conferences in Italy and abroad
  • Early Career Scientists funding "Mazzi" Program 
  • Visiting program funding for Early Career Researchers for short period of visiting research 

Prize and Awards

  • Bianchi prize for best Early Career Scientists in Petrology
  • Mazzi prize for best Early Career Scientists in Mineralogy
  • Best PhD thesis prize

Member support and sponsorship 

  • Sponsorship of member-led short courses and conferences

Community, news and networking

  • Vote at Council Elections
  • Job postings, conference calendar
  • Monthly newsletters, minero-petro-geochemistry-related news
  • SIMP Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

How to pay the fee

A simple online procedure is available for registration, allowing you to choose Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer as payment methods.


A SIMP fund has been created to support the training activities of young members who do not have institutional positions (i.e., NOT full or associate professor, permanent researcher or Italian RTDB or RTDA): each member can participate in the growth of the fund with a donation of any amount (please specify "DONATION" in the reason for payment).

Thanks to the generosity and foresight of those who will join the initiative, it will be possible to set up grants for participation in Schools, Congresses, and Workshops related to SIMP topics. All those who will join the initiative will be publicly thanked by the President during the Annual Meeting and the list of supporters will be published in the journals Plinius and Elements.