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Download the registration form, fill in the requested fields, and save it using the name: “registration-form_LASTNAME”. Send it by e-mail to and before June 30th. If you have troubles saving it, you can print it and send it by fax to +39 050-22.15.830.

Registration fees are:

School registration (includes: printed lecture abstracts, CD with presentations, bag, coffee-break,s Field trip – visit of the Parco Archeominerario di San Silvestro)

- € 150 for members of SIMP and other EMU-affiliated societies (see for a list)

- € 175 for non members***


Students applying for an EMU or FEI grant will not pay the registration fee until grant allocation announcement is made. Applications must be received by May 15th.
Grants will be awarded by the Organizing committee taking into account 1) distance (non Italian students will be given priority); 2) consistence of the School topics with the applicant’s career; 3) age (younger people preferred)

Accommodation (accommodation outside the park will not be handled by the organizers):

 € 43 per day (price includes accommodation in multiple room and meals at Gowett Hostel; express roommate preference if any in the registration form)

People staying outside the Gowett Hostel can have meals at the School location; price € 12,50 (to be paid on site)

Payment should be done by bank transfer to:

“SocietÓ Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia”

account nr. 000014317564 c/o Posteitaliane SpA – Pisa (Piazza V. Emanuele II, 7 – 56126 Pisa) IBAN: IT41L0760114000000014317564 BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX

PLEASE, do not forget to indicate SURNAME, NAME, and to write MINBIO 2011 on the money transfer

N.B.: BANKING COSTS SHOULD BE CHARGED TO THE SENDER (i.e. the registration fee has to be credited entirely to the School, without reduction for bank charges).



*** Registration to the School offers the possibility of using € 25 as credit for one year subscription to SIMP, year 2012. Interested people should check the SIMP website, and complete the online-registration. Junior members (< 35 years old) should not add any further amount. New Ordinary members may add € 25 to the school registration fees and make a single bank transfer. Please, specify in the comments area that you are adding € 25 for SIMP registration.








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