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The group Georisorse, Ambiente, e Beni Culturali (GABeC)  


The Gruppo Nazionale di Mineralogia (GNM)

are pleased to announce the 
International School:

The school will be held at the Parco Archeo-Minerario of San Silvestro (Campiglia Marittima, Livorno, Italy) in September 27th-30th 2011. The school is directed to young researchers in mineralogy, geochemistry and related fields, and will introduce the attendants to a current “hot” topic of the Earth sciences – the interactions, interrelationships and interchanges between geosphere and biosphere. Specific topics addressed will include both fundamental aspects such as interaction between mineral surfaces and organic matter, new techniques for investigation of mineral-biosphere interactions, minerals and the origin of life, and geomicrobiology; and subjects of applied nature, such as biogenic ore deposits, bioleaching, biodegradation of stone artifacts, and biomaterials.







New 10-05-11:A limited number of posters (100 x 140 cm) on the School subject  can be displayed. The abstracts will be printed along with the school lecture notes.

New 23-05-11:Deadline for FEI grant application is  extended until May 31st