Plinius Vol. 45 (2019)

Plinius 45/2019


Attività della SIMP

Verbale dell’Assemblea Generale dei Soci - Catania, 13 settembre 2018

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio consuntivo al 31/12/2017

Relazione dei Revisori dei Conti sul bilancio 2017

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio preventivo 2019

Verbali delle Commissioni premi SIMP 2018

Borsa SIMP 2018 per un soggiorno di studio all’estero: relazione sull’attività svolta

BROMBIN V.: Sr-Nd isotopic characterization of magmatic products from Cenozoic Southalpine Magmatic Province (North-East Italy) and from eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean (EEP-ODP LEG 203)

Riassunti di tesi di dottorato di ricerca

BOSIO G.: Integrated chronostratigraphy and taphonomic studies in Miocene sedimentary successions of the East Pisco Basin (Peru)

CASETTA F.: Thermobarometry, geochronology and petrological evolution of the Middle-Late Triassic magmatic products in the Dolomitic Area (Southern Alps)

COMBONI D.: High-pressure behavior of microporous materials: crystal-fluid interactions and deformation mechanisms at the atomic scale

D’ALESSIO D.: Synthesis, phase transitions, degassing behaviour of melanophlogite (type I clathrate)

FORNASARO S.: Potentially toxic elements in ultramafic rocks and soils: a case study from the Voltri Massif (NW Italy)

IZZO F.: The use of Surface Modified Natural Zeolites (SMNZs) in pharmaceutical sector

MIOZZI FERRINI F.: Experimental study of the Fe-Si-C system and application to carbon rich exoplanets

PAGNOTTA S.: μ-LIBS-Scan for Cultural Heritage geomaterials

POSSENTI E.: Inorganic products used in the conservation of Cultural Heritage: interaction with carbonatic substrates and newly-formed crystalline phases

ROSSI S.: Magma mixing experiments: a new tool to unravel the timing of volcanic eruptions

RUMBOLO T.: Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf- isotopic study of mantle rocks in the ophiolitic sequences of the Alpine-Apennine orogenic belt: implications for heterogeneity in the MORB sources

SESSA G.: Geochemistry of amphibole from Archean and Early Proterozoic ultramafic rocks: implications for the secular evolution of the Earth’s mantle

TAUSSI M.: Surface exploration and petrological applications in high enthalpy geothermal areas: a multidisciplinary approach for the Cerro Pabellón project (Northern Chile)

VOLA G.: High-grade burnt lime products: impact of calcination kinetics on slaking reactivity, sticking tendency and blocks formation at HT (1300 °C)

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