Plinius Vol. 44 (2018)

Plinius 44/2018


Attività della SIMP

Verbale dell’Assemblea Generale dei Soci - Pisa, 4 settembre 2017

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio consuntivo al 31/12/2016

Relazione dei Revisori dei Conti sul bilancio 2015

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio preventivo 2018

Verbali delle Commissioni premi SIMP 2017

Borsa SIMP 2017 per un soggiorno di studio all’estero: relazione sull’attività svolta

GIORDANI M.: Real-time surface/liquid interactions of fibrous zeolites in contact with simulated lung fluids (SLFs) by Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Riassunti di tesi di dottorato di ricerca

ANZOLINI C.: Depth of formation of super-deep diamonds

BASCH V.: Melt-rock interactions in the oceanic lithosphere: microstructural and petro-geochemical constraints from ophiolites

BELLO M.: Study of Municipal Solid Waste Bottom Ash: chemical and mineralogical characterization

BROMBIN V.: Petrological and geochronological study of magmatic products and mantle xenoliths from Cenozoic Southalpine magmatic province (north-east Italy)

CAPIZZI L.S.: Experimental study of interconnectivity and grain boundary wetness of hydrous carbonatitic liquids in mantle peridotite

FÖRSTER B.: Multi-stage metasomatism in a mantle-wedge and exhumation mélange: new insights from the peridotites of the Ulten Zone (Eastern Alps, Italy)

GEMIGNANI L.: Extracting exhumation patterns form detrital thermochronology: an example from the Eastern Himalaya

MICHAIL M.: Emplacement of the Middle Triassic Monzoni Intrusive Complex (Dolomites, Italy): insights from analogue models and field observations

OCCHIPINTI R.: Valorization of secondary raw materials through alkali activation: study of binders based on sulfate-bearing clay and Pietra Serena sludge

PAOLI G.: Petrogeochemical and geochronological framework of element mobility during magmatic-metasomatic processes (Campiglia Marittima, Tuscany)

PETRIGLIERI J.R.: Alteration of asbestiform minerals under sub-tropical climate: mineralogical monitoring and geochemistry. The example of New Caledonia

RAPA G.: Metamorphism and CO2-production in collisional orogens: case studies from the Himalayas

SCARSI M.: Faulting, fluid-rock interaction and hydrothermal mineralisation in ultramafic rocks (Voltri Massif, Ligurian Alps)

VISALLI R.: Innovative numerical petrological methods for definition of metamorphic timescale events of Southern European Variscan relicts via thermodynamic and diffusion modelling of zoned garnets

Pavia, 26-28 giugno 2018

Indice degli abstract

Physical properties of minerals: how and why to dive into their knowledge
Bressanone, 12-15 gennaio 2018

Indice degli abstract

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