Plinius Vol. 36 (2010)

PLINIUS 36 2010 immagine


Attività della SIMP

Verbale dell’Assemblea Generale dei Soci – Rimini, 10 settembre 2009 

Verbale della Commissione elettorale 

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio consuntivo al 31/12/2008 

Relazione dei Revisori dei Conti sul bilancio 2008 

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio preventivo 2010 

Conferimento della medaglia Plinius 

Assegnazione premi 2009 

CADONI E. e OTTELLI L.: Ricordo di Giuliano Perna 

GHIARA M.R. e BALASSONE G.: Ricordo di Enrico Franco 

GRAZIANI G.: Ricordo di Sergio Lucchesi 

LEONI L. e MERLINO S.: Ricordo di Marco Franzini 

TADDEUCCI A.: Ricordo di Mario Fornaseri 

Riassunti di tesi di dottorato di ricerca 

ALVARO M.: Pigeonite under non-ambient conditions 

ANGRISANI A.C.: The Pietra di Cusano in the historical architecture of Campania region: technical features and valorisation perspectives

BELVISO C.: Zeolite synthesized in polluted soils treated with fly ash. the role of the synthetic mineral in heavy metal mobilization 

CICCONI M.R.: Europium (Eu) in silicate glasses: XAS study of oxidation state and local environment

CUCCINIELLO C.: Geochronology and geochemistry of Cretaceous and Cenozoic volcanic rocks in the Northern Madagascar 

ESPOSITO R.: Geochemical study of the Solchiaro (Procida Island, Campi Flegrei) eruptive products by microthermometry and microanalysis of fluid and melt inclusions 

FERRERO S.: Anatectic melt in a metapelitic system: a fluid and melt inclusion study 

FRANCOLINO S.: Characterization of geological and archaeological stones to identify the provenance of rocks from the archaeological park of Sibari (Calabria-Italy) 

GIANNOSSI M.L.: The study of pathological biominerals in humans: compositional features and environmental influence on Basilicata (Southern Italy) case study 

GIORZA A.: Post-metamorphic hydrothermalism in the Voltri group: structural-petrologicalgeochemical approach 

GUAGLIARDI I.: A geostatistical approach in geochemical soil characterization of urban territory of Cosenza – Rende 

GUARINO V.: Petrogenesis of alkaline-carbonatitic complexes of Catalão and Ipanema, in Southern Brazil 

LONGO M.: Iron oxidation state in (Mg,Fe)O: calibration of the flank method on synthetic samples and applications on natural inclusions from lower mantle diamonds 

MANUELLA F.C.: Serpentinization and abiogenic production of hydrocarbons in the ultramafic basement of Hyblean Plateau: mineralogical and petrological inferences from xenoliths 

MICCICHÉ G.: Atomistic simulation of layered silicates in the muscovite-celadonite system

MONTAGNINO D.: Changes in the growth morphology of gypsum due to organic additives of industrial interest 

MORO F.: Snow avalanches: hazard maps and passive defence structures 

NICOTRA E.: Genesis and differentiation of ancient Mt. Etna magmas (Ellittico Volcano, 45-15 ka): a multidisciplinary approach from geology to melt inclusions

PACELLA A.: Crystal chemistry and reactivity of fibrous amphiboles of environmental and health interest 

PARISI S.: Hydrogeochemical tracing of the groundwater flow pathways in the Mount Vulture volcanic aquifer system (Basilicata, Southern Italy) 

PISCOPO D.: Stromboli MODIS thermal anomalies during strombolian activity 

PITTARELLO L.: Study of exhumed paleo-seimic faults as a gauge to estimate earthquake source parameters 

ROCCO I.: Characteristics of the lithospheric mantle beneath Northern Madagascar inferred from ultramafic xenoliths in alkaline lavas 

ROSSI M.: The fluorapatites in volcanic products of Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex:crystallographic parameters, crystal-chemistry and minerogenetic implications 

SANSONE M.T.C.: Serpentinites and metadolerites from the Frido unit (Southern Apennine): genesis, evolution and environmental problems 

G.R.G. - Giornata Ricerca Giovani
VI edizione
(Genova, 31 maggio 2010)


89° Congresso SIMP
(Ferrara, 13-15 settembre 2010)



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