Plinius Vol. 39 (2013)


plinius 39


Attività della SIMP

Verbale dell’Assemblea Generale dei Soci - Francoforte, 4 settembre 2012 

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio consuntivo al 31/12/2011 

Relazione dei Revisori dei Conti sul bilancio 2011 

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio preventivo 2013 

Verbale della Commissione Premi SIMP 2012 

FERRARIS G.: Ricordo di Mariano Calleri 

BARGOSSI G.M.: Ricordo di Marta Marocchi 

Riassunti di tesi di dottorato di ricerca 

BELMONTE D..: Ab initio thermodynamics of deep mantle minerals:the system MgO-SiO2 

BICOCCHI G.: Geochemistry of the high-pressure CO2 systems: the PSS-1 well (Caprese Michelangelo, Eastern Tuscany), a natural analogue of CO2 geological sequestration site

CAMETTI G.: Crystal-chemical characterization and thermal stability of fibrous erionite. Cation mobility and iron occurrence as a key for  understanding its toxicity

CAPALBO C.: Minerals of the hollandite supergroup: crystal-chemistry and thermal behavior

GOZZI F.: Ultrapotassic lava flows from Colli Albani Volcanic District shed light on the origin of calcite-bearing magmas

LONGO V.: Prospecting of Industrial Minerals: a geophysical approach

MANTOVANI L.: Synthesis and carachterization of CaCOSi2O6-CO2Si2O6 pyroxenes

MUSCHITIELLO A.: Geochemistry, isotopic geochemistry and U-Pb ages on zircons from metagabbros and metabasites in the hercynian lower crust of the Serre Massif (Calabria)

PACE C.: Synthesis and characterization of zeolites, calcium silicates and kalsilites from natural materials

PEDROTTI M.: From the mineral to the commodity: an innovative technique (DM + IFS) for the production of refractory chromite

RAPISARDO G.: Post-emplacement minerogenetic processes in Upper Tufo Giallo della Via Tiberina (Latium): a mineralogical and volcanological approach

RIMONDI V.: Distribution of Mercury and other trace elements in the Mt. Amiata region (southern Tuscany, Italy)

SANFILIPPO A.: The generation of lower oceanic crust in (ultra-) slow spreading settings: insights from the Alpine ophiolites and from the Godzilla Megamullion (Parece Vela basin)

SCANAVINO I.: Quantum-mechanical modeling and study of the elastic and structural properties of mineral phases of geological interest

TESTONE V.: Integrated Geophysical Methods applied to some Archaeological sites of north Sardinia

VOLPE L.: Earth Science and modern-contemporary art: fingerprints for the safeguard of artworks in view of fine arts transportation


Borsa SIMP 2010 per un soggiorno di studio all’estero: relazione sull’attività svolta

CHELAZZI L.: In situ high-pressure X-ray diffraction study of synthetic Mn2Sb2O7 with a weberite-type structure

Giornate di studio GNM
“Nuovi Minerali: Tra Ricerca e Collezionismo”
(Padova, 17-18 giugno 2013)


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