International Winter School: Melting and fluid/melt-rock reactions in the mantle

The Italian Group of Petrography (GNP) of the Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology (SIMP), in collaboration with the PhD programs of the Universities of Pavia, Ferrara, Genova, Milano and Modena-Reggio Emilia, and the University of Parma, are organising an International School on Solid Earth Geosciences. The school will be held in the historic lecture centre of the University of Pavia, situated approximately 40 km South of Milano. The MEREMA School aims to provide a framework of very advanced knowledge on mantle melting processes and reaction mechanism between mantle rocks and percolating melts/fluids. The school is open to master degree and PhD students, and also young researchers in Earth Sciences. The main themes will be approached by theoretical, experimental, thermodynamic, analytical, geochemical and macro/microscopic study of mantle lithologies. Lectures will be completed by exercises, practice tests and learning self-assessment, continuously monitored by the large number of international teachers.

You will find more photos of the School at the SIMP - Facebook page!